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Lead your family in a strategy-RPG about relationships, logistics, and Fortuna · By FealtyDev


Recent updates

New 0.5 builds - tutorials, flavorful text - everything except AI
Rolling out a new 0.5 build. A LOT went in last week and I think we have all the bugs squashed. The AI needs love, and thats my focus the next few days before r...
2 files —
New 0.5 build tonight
The final bugs are slain and I will have a new build out in a few hours. With the code done, I will then be able to write the missing game text Looking forward...
5 files —,,,,
Thanks for all the testing!
Thanks to everyone who helped with testing! The extra eyeballs made all the difference. If you missed it, then check back soon when the 0.5.0 launches "for real... is now 0.5.0, and is ready for testing!
The release candidate for 0.5.0 is now available. I might add in one or two more tutorials, but otherwise the release is feature complete. A lot of stuff went i...
5 files — 0.5.0
Serfs, Yeomen and Tradesmen - Oh My!
This post is about a week late and I am putting the last bits of 0.1.5 together. Besides the impact of the holidays on things, the past two weeks have been t...
Tech Debt Tuesday - Game Strings - Part II
Welcome back to Tech Debt Tuesday . Last week I shared with you the major pitfalls with how the Fealty code handled game strings, and some pain points you might...
0.1.5 is coming
0.1.5 is coming, adding more meat on the bones for our fledgling game. I want to release by the weekend before the Christmas madness descends so I had to push...
Tech Debt Tuesday - Game Strings - Part I
Hello, my dear people. It has been almost a month since I wrote to you last and it has been a busy time. There is always a lot to do, of course, and the first c...

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