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Lead your family in a strategy-RPG about relationships, logistics, and Fortuna · By FealtyDev


Recent updates

Preview for the real-time combat coming in 0.6
Hello everyone, I have failed to post here for a very good reason - there are a million things going on. Beyond planning, team building, and all the other work...
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0.5.1 Bug Fixes
New update tonight that fixes all the new bugs reported by everyone. A million and a half thanks. We are starting to get into the really-weird and super-circum...
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Release 0.5.1
0.5.1 is here with a slew of bugs and small improvements. The thing you are most likely to notice is how ruthless other families are. Bit reckless, really. Play...
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0.5.0 Bug Fixes
Today a humble but important update :) The focus here was fixing stuffs [sic] and adjusting the game flow so you can actually progress. Dig in! NEW Improved key...
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Release 0.5.0
0.5.0 stable builds are rolling! If you have been following along you know the game has been growing but the last two weeks have seen some real form start to em...
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New 0.5 builds - tutorials, flavorful text - everything except AI
Rolling out a new 0.5 build. A LOT went in last week and I think we have all the bugs squashed. The AI needs love, and thats my focus the next few days before r...
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New 0.5 build tonight
The final bugs are slain and I will have a new build out in a few hours. With the code done, I will then be able to write the missing game text Looking forward...
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