0.5.1 Bug Fixes

New update tonight that fixes all the new bugs reported by everyone. A million and a half thanks. 

We are starting to get into the really-weird and super-circumstantial bugs that I would likely never find on my own. The game is missing many features, but releasing it often so people can see it, I think, is invaluable.

Once the last of the bugs is eradicated we are going to be in great shape to do some very important things like add multiplayer - that will introduce a new sort of bug all on its own. (But well talk more about that soon)

At any rate, here are the headliners:


  • A new confirmation when you submit a bug report (thank you MDT)


  • Tweaks to how the AI considers attacking a neighbor
  • Tweaks to how often the AI acts
  • Tweaked a few pieces of game text
  • Save the game AND THEN upload it when there is a crash


  • AI wont place every building in the same place forever always without fail all the time (its much nicer now)
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to retrieve a game record for a family that is wiped out 
    • Thank you MDT
  • Fixed a bug that caused buildings to come back after they were destroyed 
    • Thank you MDT
  • Attempted to fix a weird camera crash that occurs when the game is transitioning while the camera is transitioning - transiception
    • Thank you Dunthar
  • The main menu will now close as well when you close the options menu
  • Added some missing game text, including destroyed buildings to the raid report


Android 44 MB
Version Feb 02, 2020
Windows 34 MB
Version Feb 02, 2020
macOS 37 MB
Version Feb 02, 2020
Linux (64) 37 MB
Version Feb 02, 2020

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