0.5.0 Bug Fixes

Today a humble but important update :) The focus here was fixing stuffs [sic] and adjusting the game flow so you can actually progress.

Dig in!


  • Improved keyboard + mouse controls
    • Pan with arrow keys
    • Place buildings with mouse buttons
  • Building list in construction window now shows unavailable buildings and their requirements


  •  Adjusted starting resources and building costs
  •  Adjusted requirements to level a settlement:     
    • Level 1: Manor     
    • Level 2: Hamlet - Reach 25 Serfs     
    • Level 3: Village - Reach 50 Serfs
  •  Yeomen cottages and Tradesmen workshops now require Level 2
  • Tavern now requires Level 3


  • Split out the pause and game speed buttons
  • AI will now build cottages, recruit troops and act aggressively
  • Double confirmation if you try to tear down your manor
  • Added an icon to character badges to show what the character is doing
  • Added changes in Skill and Morale to the recruiting report


  • Added missing text for when a game ends
  • Calculation to show the number of days until the spring Planting season 
  • Calculation to show the length a construction task will take
  • Destroy unharvested crops when Harvest season ends
  • Tutorials will not trigger while camera is transitioning
  • Number of issues with character badges not showing, showing at the wrong time, and showing the wrong decorations
  • Crashes around recovering from incompatible game data


Windows 38 MB
Version Jan 28, 2020
Android 61 MB
Version Jan 28, 2020
Linux (64) 75 MB
Version Jan 28, 2020
macOS (Universal) 45 MB
Version Jan 28, 2020

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