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Fealty is a real-time strategy-rpg set in a world inspired by the early middle ages. You take control of a family of characters and it is your task to expand your domains, manage your settlements, and muster your forces. 

The characters in the world are how you interact. They can carry out your will, and just as importantly, report on what is happening in the realm that you need to be aware of.

Fealty is played over a series of "kingdom games". Each kingdom game represents a geographical area over which families compete for control of the settlements in the game. Once a player has achieved dominance over the kingdom, then the game ends. 

Once a game is over, each family gains Prestige earned from their actions and choices during the game. Prestige can be earned in different ways including: direct control of settlements, economic productivity,  powerful/honorable characters, and diplomatic treatises. A family that does not control the map may still come out ahead in the final Prestige count.

The Prestige players earn carries between games and determines their placement on the Prestige Leaderboards - for all to see.

Fealty is early in development with the current focus being the core real-time simulation and strategic elements. 

Give commands to your family members to raise troops, prepare them for battle, and then conquer the settlements of your rivals.

You must also manage your settlements in order to care for your people and grow your economy. You only have direct control over those governed by your family, but others may bend the knee and pay tribute, or provide troops of their own.

Gather your resources and marshall your troops - the world of Fealty awaits.

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